Thursday, March 15, 2012

Holy Cow!

I't s been nearly two months since I blogged. Lots of reasons, the main one is lack of internet, then internet and busy with deadlines! So exciting for me :D

Quick catchup:

1: Isaac (son who got burned) is doing fabulously and no longer sneaks behind me when I put him out of the kitchen.

2. My son Joshua, who'd moved to New Mexico is home (after much drama and oh $#!+s) :D Not living here, but I get to see  him once in a while :D missed him lots! He wasn't so good about staying in contact. lol Teenagers.

3. Daughter Ashley is still doing alright, no more hospital visits for her blood clots. They've apparently confirmed it was not a blood disease, but something else making her blood sticky. I thank god everyday for her Mayoturners which caught the sticky blood early so the blood clot in her brain didn't kill her!! Sometimes, physiological problems really are for the best!

4. My son Patrick, by far the smartest kid I know, is still lazy and fighting doing his work, just like when he was in public school. It was one of the reasons he was having so much trouble with his teachers. They don't like it when you don't do your home work.

5. My son Edward, ah, that boy is a different story everyday. When he wants to, he soars through schoolwork, when he doesn't, it takes him two hours to do a literally 2 min page for him. Ah yes, the joys of having kids too smart for their own good.

6. My husband Nate still has a job with benefits, thank God! He's been diagnosed with high blood pressure, pre-diabetic, high cholesterol, and told to make bunches of meds on top of the ones he takes for bipolar.

7. I had a short accepted into the anthology, Ravaged, by Breathless Press :D

8. I have a cajillion shorts to write for Splintered Lands and Ancient New (Deepwood Publishing co) and a novel to finish for Splintered Lands

9. Our tax return was NOT piddled away :D We bought fencing and kitchen cupboards. And boys a bit of clothes. Course, if I'm lucky, I'll have to pay in next year cuz, yanno, my book sales will rock :D

10. Boys are loving the new kitchen, even though we need more counters still, it's more room than we had before, and the remodel opened it up. they were so excited about it, they fought over who got to do the dishes!! Now that's one for the record books!

11. I've had a bunch of dental work done, so feeling much better, but have much more to go. Sigh. At least I have dental coverage through my husband's work.

Okay, that's a quick rundown of the highlights of last two months :) I'm going to be blogging more (again, I know :P) as I have decent internet. Also, I have a book (Ulfric's Mate) and an anthology (Ravaged) coming out. I have to do better :D I'm planning on putting the cover of my book, The Ulfric's Mate, as a picture on this site, and a banner here :D

Oh, I didn't tell you that?

MY COVER ART IS HERE!!! :D Spectacular! scrumptious, beautiful, gorgeous, brilliant, fantastic, truly magnificent. lol Get the idea that I like it? lol

Hope everyone has been doing well these past couple months. I did see I had a couple of comments I need to address, and I will! Thank you all for following me and being patient and walking this long road to publishing and beyond with me :D


  1. I can't wait till it's out so I can order it! yay for you! glad everyones doing better.

    1. Thanks!! It's so exciting for me! And it pleases me greatly to share it with my friends :D