Friday, March 16, 2012

One of those days

I'm so very happy I had my cover art to share today. It's about the only thing that's gone right. I did manage to get more words added to the short, Traincoach of Death. Put myself at 5250 since Tuesday? Monday? No, it was Sunday, but I did some edits on The Ulfric's Mate in the meantime. I know I missed some, but everytime I tried to read it, my eyes glazed over. Hard for me to edit when that keeps happening.

I finally sent it back saying I feel like I missed something.(I just couldn't do much more and didn't figure it would be much better until I'd finished these other shorts and had gotten the story to the back of my head, but that's like 2-3 more weeks! Couldn't leave it that long!) To which my awesome editor answered. something to the effect of no worries cuz we do 3-4 of these, line item editor gets her/his hands on them, then the proof reader... OMG IT'S so exciting and frightening at the same time :D

Anyways, although we finished a few small things, I still feel like a complete waste of day. How many of you know about my #MakeoverLeona which has changed to #MakeoverMavericks? I started by selling Mary Kay to help pay for it and so I could get my discount. I'm doing a small amount of excercise everyday, NO MATTER WHAT, and I plan on doing my hair and clothes before the year's out. It started because I wanted to look good for my author photos (my last photos were taken 3 years ago!) and has transcended into at least 3 others joing me! Anyone who wants to make any sort of changes in their lives to "make it over" is free to join us! We are all changing different aspects in our lives with the goal of being happier with ourselves and our lives. And all of this has stemmed from me getting that book contract!

And now, I've smiled. Writing is so good for me :D How about you? Writing good for you? Or is it art you do? What do you do to help yourself be healthy, happy, and comfortable in your own skin? Or are you?

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