Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday sitcom

Ever have one of those days? Oh yeah. I just did. LOL First thing this morning I was woken up by my cat attempting to turn the knob on my bedroom door. I kid you not. He has a perch to do this from. He get's it turned half-way before being beat by the lack of opposable thumbs.

I sleepily get up and ask my husband if he'd let the cat in last night. No answer. I go check to see if window/door open somewhere and find a hole in our back door's window. A shirt was hanging out it. Not big enough for a cat mind you, but I'm a little peturbed. Then, I can't find my phone. I go to pick up my husbands phone to call it and saw a message that was disturbing so dealt with that.

So, after very little sleep, the adrenalin rush had me up and at 'em at 6 am. I finally fell asleep at my computer writing about kick ass zombie killer and the human like zombies. Not surprising I had another nightmare. I was driving my wrecked van at night and was on the run from something, and in the nature of dreams, my whole steering column disappeared and I was supposed to be driving by a half-circle screw that I couldn't grip.

I woke up at my computer desk, but the screen had gone to sleep so it was black. My mind kept looking for the steering wheel and now the lost screw. I finally was able to bring my mind back to reality and went back to bed.

Next time I woke up, the baby was up and had wanted to play. Fine. So I go looking everywhere for my phone again. No luck. Husband helps. No luck. But, did find out not only was he the one who let the cat in, but he's the one who made the whole in the laundry room window. Over ten years ago. LOL I guess it had been taped before. Yeah, we'll discuss my powers of observation later.

Finally found the phone in the laundry room. I'd apparently dropped it in my surprise at finding a shirt hanging in my back door (which is the outside entrance to the laundry room) and hadn't noticed. LOL

So, I get settled in to write, afraid to look at what I'd written just prior to falling asleep (surprise surprise she was driving and flipping someone off who had cut her off. Yeah, my character has road rage :) and my daughter's text comes through. She needs her mom. So out I go again. LOL

I feel like I'm in a weird sitcom that someone has to keep writing in drama and tension to keep people watching. But also make it funny and laughable. Yeah. that's my life in a nutshell. Cheesy sitcom drama.

Somedays, I look back and laugh at some of the stuff that happens. Like the hole in the window. Not noticing when we've been living in this house for a year and seeing a shirt sticking out it? Yeah. That's going to be funny. Some other day LOL.

How about you? Do you ever feel like you're living in a book or TV show cuz everything seems so unreal or surreal? Do you look back and laugh and wonder how/why you didn't see/notice? LOL

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