Friday, January 21, 2011

Ballad to Screwed up Love

Just a warning, I have been feeling a bit dark lately. This is not too bad, just not what you're used to from me.

Ballad to Screwed Up Love

Come into my parlor says the spider to the fly.
He follows though he knows not why.
He thinks he's in control, but one day he will learn.
When his heart is bleeding, then he will yearn.

For now, the comely whispers of the red-headed wench
Cause him to speak, to not smell the stench.
He tells her his dreams, his hopes, his fears
Not knowing that one day she will cause his tears.

He is tough, thinks he knows and has seen it all
But, sometimes, all is not enough to remain standing tall.
Softly the widow of love whispers, softly she calls. my love.
You hear and obey, and listen as she tells you to rise above.

See, there was one already in your life. One of whom you cared
one whom you spoke words of love into her ears and hadn't spared
a thought to another. Until the spider's whisper drew you apart.
Then your light side was afraid of the broken heart.

The other filled your darkness, called to your light.
But you were afraid, afraid to let it be right.
Then along comes the spider of pain
but she shows you only gain.

She tells you softly to let your love go.
It's not fair to her, she says as you feel you know.
You don't believe your love when she says you are enough
You don't want the pain, last time was too rough.

So you throw away a once in a lifetime pearl,
The unadultered love of your childhood girl.
You break her trust, her love and say,
This is a game, love is not how you play.

You throw away those feelings you had,
Telling yourself they can only lead to bad.
You turn back to the whispers of the other,
Telling yourself that this way is better.

Romantic love, you scoff, has no bearing on friends.
It is sad, that it may take you to the end.
The end of your chance with the one who knew
The darkness in you and that it grew.

Forever, you may be left to wonder
What you lost and may hurt as you ponder.
For one day the spider, after she has wrapped you high
Encased in a cocoon of silk, will bleed you dry.

She is subtle in her ties, subtle in her spin.
But with every step, she smells her win.
For, you fool, you have given her the tools
That ensure she will have your rule.

Until one day, you will turn and look
And the one who knew you every nook
She is gone, her love is lost, killed by the spider
Because you had not the courage to stand up beside her.

On that day, your mind will bend,
As your emotions shriek and your heart rends,
Mocking you with the remembered love.
The unconditional soul you can no longer speak of.

She will be gone from you,
Torn, bloody, because you missed your cue.
The friend never leaves and will stand,
With your boys, one in each hand.

Waiting, watching, feeling your pain.
Her tears falling over you like a summer's rain.
Hot and sweet, life giving is her joy.
But that pure love, is gone, it wasn't a ploy.

It is now broken, beaten and almost forgotten,
Under the spider's smells that you now see are rotten.
But it's too late now, you have found.
The love was lost when you weren't around.


  1. That was good! Nice rhythm and imagery

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. @Andrew Thanks! since I really like the imagery in your short, I sincerely appreciate the compliment.

    @Donovan Thanks to you too. I appreciate your poetry so nice that you approve of my imagery.

  4. Oh wow, honey! This is good! Beautiful work. =)

  5. @Jinxie Thanks, hun! That means a lot to me :)

  6. I don't know your usual work - but I did like this - wrapped me up as tightly as that web - well done

  7. @alberta Thanks! Obviously, as a writer, that is high praise indeed! I hope it has wrapped everyone up who has read it!