Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Wednesday is here :) I took yesterday off. I snuck in a little tiny bit of writing but, not any word count to speak of. I'm back at it today.

Well, working around Homeschooling schedule. Homeschooling is looking to be a bigger pain to get started. Flipping bureaucratic BS. I can't wait until it's finished. In the meantime, kids are truant. My kids are so stressed at school, they have asthma attacks nearly every morning and my 9 yo was throwing up nearly every morning. So they missed 1-3 days every week. It's not a viable option to try and keep them at the school until all the BS paperwork is finished. So lots of issues there.

But good news is my kids have quite having asthma attacks (not a single one since Jan 10th when I told them I'd homeschool. And the only time my 9 yo has thrown up was while taking medicine with a fever. Yeah. NO. My kids aren't going back. That is way off the scale to be coincidence. In the meantime, I get to fight the damn system and do my own stuff working from where their teachers left off.

As to my writing, I'm actually getting more sleep, the editing process whisked out and I sent the previously mentioned Manuscript to beta readers, male and female, and am rocking through the new one.

My boys have to start each day journaling. Three days writing, one day drawing. It's been very cool. My 9 yo has decided he wants to write a story and asked for more writing time :) I like to think it's my good influence!

My writing and creativity is flowing and I can't wait to write again whenever I'm away from the computer. I was at a friend's house and had to bite my tongue more than once not to beg him to download dropbox so I could work on it :)

Hope your mid-week is going better than #zombiesurvivalcrew member @RCMurphy's is... If you know her, go give her hugs...

Off to do more supervising :)

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