Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just because

This is raw form, very little editing. It's coming onto the time when it is harder and harder for me to put away hurts, pain. I have to believe my brother is out there somewhere, laughing and loving, even if not in this realm of the living.

But in the meantime, the safest and best outlet I have is my writing. I have found that writing ballads lets me tell a story, if in short form, yet get the strong emotion out so that I can concentrate on the full novel I'm working on.

I hope you can enjoy this ballad. Feel the sadness if that is where you are at and let it unburden you to know you are not alone... Without further ado, I give you Ballad number 2 :)

Who Will Save the Princess

I'm crying. My heart is broken.
I wish I was flying. But not with this token
of punishment and pain. Why do I have to hurt again?
Why is it me that keeps getting the shaft? When will it end?

Inside, I'm crying. My tears won't stay.
Outside, I'm angry. I'm mad. I'm harsh in my play.
What of you? How much do you care?
You played the fair knight with flare.

Now, you are the one storming the castle.
You're the one letting the evil in to hassle
The Princess and bring out the Sorceress, the Dragon
Of Chaos needed to help deal with the pagan.

No more will she show the softness of love
The tears have poured enough from above.
Now, the darkness shall be the one to reign.
No more will her heart be broken by this pain.

She shall mend this heart no matter how long
It takes the darkness to mend the wrong
Felt within her soul. The Dragon is fierce
In its protection and all is what it's willing to pierce.

For the Dragon has sensed that now is her time.
Now is her chance. It may seem a crime,
But it is the Princess that the Sorceress
And Dragon seek to protect with the call of Darkness.

It is the Princess' ability to love, to hug, to kiss,
More importantly, to forgive, that has kept the darkness
At bay. But now, it is the Dragon calling follow me,
It is the Sorceress holding the Princess, protecting fully.

When fare knight, your heart has found its balance,
When you are ready to stand and not be led away by a glance,
Come and claim your Princess and take her into the light.
Take her from the Dragon's womb and give her wings of flight.

For now, she will hide herself, tasting her salty tears,
Alone, in the darkness, waiting with her soul for the fears
To be soothed, the anger and blood break washed away.
In the dungeons, you won't find her at play.

She is lost to this world. Lost is the girl
The innocence and in it's place is a mural,
A flat portrayal of who the whole person meant to be.
Little will touch her, the outside realm she will notice barely.

In the depths of Darkness, there she will stay.
Whiling away and hiding her love for another day.
The Dragon of Chaos shall fight the evil of her realm.
But in her, the fight is gone. She has held up her palm.

She has said enough. Her heart hurts too much to say,
That it is fine, that all is good, that you can treat her this way.
So, to the darkness, she turns, looking for love.
She is held like a newborn babe by the Dragon and from above,

She hears the words, the voices of the prince and the knight,
but her heart will not leave the Dragon's hold until all is made right.
The Sorceress stands guard with the Dragon, giving all the evil eye,
Who come to hurt the Princess, ferocious in killing the prey.

Fierce in protecting the Princess of love, of peace, of beauty.
She will defy all and sundry to fulfill that which is her duty.
The Sorceress, the Dragon, it has always been the two
of them who has protected the Princess from the ugly hue.

"Go hither, ugly cruel world and stay away from their girl,"
They cry. Quit giving her tears and let her give happiness a whirl
Before her soul fills with hardness and hate.
Let her feel the completeness of love before it's too late.

If it's not already. She's crying, she hurts.
Bits of anger. Small bits of glad in short spurts.
Few will see the truth. She will smile and nod,
Faking her laughter, letting the Dragon prod,

When the Princess needs to come to the surface.
But for now, she will hide behind the Sorceress.
Waiting. Waiting. Waiting to see who will answer her call.
See who is faithful, who is willing to risk all.

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