Monday, August 16, 2010

Yep, again already

I am bouncing up and down as I came to a realization. I have written three COMPLETE Novels in two and a half years. I'm still editing on a couple, but I've done it. Word count is something like this:
Rebellion on Piza 7: 71k+
Quest for Riverhand: 85,721 so far (this is one adding back in my adjectives, and world building and--you get the idea)
Winds of Fire: 59,800

Plus I've written a couple of shorts and had a few fals starts on a short I need to turn into a novel. Plus, I have about 15k on the sequel to Rebellion on Piza 7

Last night, I told my husband, "I finished a novel!" He was sorely underappreciative of what an accomplishment that was. He apparently can't decide whether he wants me to succeed sooner or later. See, I have a a few advantages.

One, I type, tested, at 69 words per minute. That's copying some unknown, usually foreign subject/names out with 1 or fewer mistakes while being timed. When it's the words coming out of my head? Wowzers. Believe me, being able to type fast is a HUGE deal for getting writing done.

Two, I have a vast array of general knowledge. This cuts down on research time for two reasons--I may already know, and if not, I have a good starting point for getting that knowledge.

Three, I have a good grasp on the English language and know most of the general rules. Some of the tricky ones I've learned from networking. I'm always learning more, but it helps to have a good grasp of grammar from the beginning.

And four, I have so many story ideas, they are fighting for supremacy. I can't quit writing. It's like once I decided to open that damn, it flooded. Not a trickle or controlled flow, it just goes. If I don't get it written down, I may not get it back.

Anyways, he seems to think it should take me years and years, yet doesn't want to wait that long for success. *Sigh* I'm simply going to keep on going and trying the way I've been doing. Learning, over learning, learning, making mistakes, learning, networking, and most of all, writing to my heart's content.

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