Sunday, August 15, 2010

Has it really been that long?

I am trying to do this AT LEAST once a week. Honest. I'm trying to not play on internet as much and get more done. I did get lots done. I printed out Winds of Fire up to the point I had finished (about 5k shy of the end), hand punched holes one by one on 180 pages to fit into three ring binder, and edited said pages. I will let someone else do the math as my head hurts just writing it :)

I have input all the changes into the computer, finished the story and wrote the query. It already needs help. *Sigh* I've thought of this query for a year. No joke. A year. I started this story last March, did a large chunk last July, a bit in October, pre-Nano, and another chunk this July. (Thanks Tami and Traci for your July challenges!) I have now officially finished the story. I am sure I will make changes here and there, but it is time to query. I sent my query to query shark. I felt all good and self righteous. You know, cuz I'd read everything, knew what not to do, etc. I even refreshed my memory right before hitting send. Guess what jumped out at me immediately? I put in too many characters in the first paragraph. Groan, GROAN, GROAN! Well, I'm not sure how to fix it. I mean there are two main characters, the bad guy and a strong supportive character who is the main character in the next book. Also, I repeat myself. I don't say the same thing exactly, rather different things the same way. What can I say? Apparently not the right thing LOL

Happy days, another novel finished. Now to go back and ad the adjectives and world building back into the story. *headpalm slap. Have a great week!

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