Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Today is another day

So, if anyone sees my handy dandy notebook with everything important in it, please contact me *looks around beesechingly* No? Well, on with it then. Update on Family:

Eldest going through a "Black Manic" No, that is not a technical term, it is my term for it. An Angry, Dark, Evil state. Instead of hyper-happy we get Doomsday-darling. UGH None of the stages are fun, but this one is hardest for me to cope with. Even when she thinks she's being nice, she's being critical.

My eldest son will be 80 before he's off grounding. Sneaking out, lying, and disobedience are not the way to mother's good graces.

My next eldest is doing better today. At least he didn't procrastinate today, so his half hour chore didn't turn into three hours.

My second-to-the-last is doing very well today. Happy change from yesterday. He is doodling away and painting with paper and left over modeling paint. Should be interesting to see the results. :D

My youngest is doing very well. Happy, not being bothered by his teeth at this moment *knocks on wood* and is extremely curious and active. A blessing every day to us. Especially since we were warned that he might not do so well when they diagnosed him with Downs Syndrome.

Writing update: Much more fun to talk about than the family angst.

I have to, as said in previous post, PUT MY VOICE BACK IN to fantasy novel. *puts head to desk multiple times. I cannot believe I allowed it to happen. And worst, that I didn't notice it happening! I got stuck on rule, rules, rules. Not happening again!

I am currently printing out my thriller that is ALMOST finished. It's been a difficult book to write. I put it away for six months or so and forgot some of the nuances. Before, it was flowing off my fingertips like water over a fall. *sigh* maybe it will come back to me. I will be reading and editing, NOT OVEREDITING, and trying to remember how it was supposed to end. Yep, you heard me. I forgot the ending. It sets up the next book, yet completes this book. I had it well figured out. Now I can't remember. Write it down? Are you crazy? I'm a writer, why would I write it down? Oh, yeah. You got me there. Let's hope that I either have an epiphany, or remember the original plan.

I also have a science fiction darling that needs to be written as it is a sequel and there are people asking for it. Get to work already, woman. *peers over shoulder with slanty eyes to make sure that wasn't hubby talking.* Nope, my inner muse is telling me in no uncertain terms to get to work and quit being so damn lazy. :D

Reminder, I know a few of you were going to try and write. I am giving the bookmarks out to anyone who tried for consistency, despite life's foibles. You know who you are. Give me a color! This includes international people. When I have it done, I will have you email me a physical addy to send it to.

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  1. All this talk of writing makes me think I should be writing more. One more blog? One more short story? One more novel? Oh, where to start.