Thursday, August 26, 2010

hello again

Well, one week later and a year older, I'm back :) I've been busy since the last time I was on. Two of my kids became violently ill, if only for the short term. One was the baby :( I prettymuch held him all day Thursday. Since I still had a low grade fever, it was probably a good thing.

The bad thing was all the lost fruit from all the illness :( Well, also all the backed up housework!

I entered a "So You Think You Can Write" contest and made the first cut :) I've been so busy canning and cleaning that I didn't even get on to ask you all to vote for me! Next week I will that's for sure :) It's a line by line contest. You build on each line and people vote for their favorite. Last week, the bottom 3 were cut. OUCH> Three at a time! Harsh.

We shall see what next week holds...

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