Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Art up

And I'm back...and it's still Wednesday! LOL It's later in the day, but woot! It's here. The longest bit is tracking down the photos. I really should track this better. I did a bunch since last Wednesday. I did a set of sketches on canvas, and one LARGE painting and some holiday stuffs. These are all backwards LOL. The canvas sketches will be painted, but I have to figure out the colors. Here are the sketches (Day 9):

These are 4x12x2in (museum quality canvas). I'll be selling them as a set. I had a client say she wanted to see some with words, so this is my first set. You can see some erase lines lol But, I think I'll like them. I love the doves. They were an unexpected result of inspiration. :D

I've had a Scotland one I've wanted to paint for ages (there's still one I need to do that has my heart from years ago. We'll see when I can do that one!). I finally did it. It's the mists in the Highlands of Scotland. Here's that one (Day 10):

This is 24x36x1 in. Definitely a large one. Landscapes seem to be my thing. My friend "El Gee" let's me use his photos of Scotland. He has a great eye.

I did a bunch of Halloween ones.

The ghost is day 5, pumpkin, day 6, cauldron day 7, and hat day 8.  The purple isn't represented well here, but it's close enough :D

The holiday ones have already sold. The Scotland one is for sale :) Just finished it today!

Sheri Velarde is hot hot hot. Here are her next ones:

I asked for someone to do this challenge with me, and woot! She's kicking my tush! She's also making jewelry, going to school and, I think, editing her stories :D

Look for the next updates on Sheri's Blog. I hope to see you all there.

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