Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Christmas!!

So, how have you all been these past few weeks? I've been up and down. But last night about this time I was screaming for joy :D I had a small press offer me a contract on a submission I'd sent them. For those who follow my blog, this is the story that was originally 12k+ that I had turned in. I got a detailed rejection that I understood to mean, fix and resend (probably cuz that's pretty much what it said! ;) and so I got to work.

The notice came at the tail end of my daughter's brain surgery recovery, and I had to put it off a bit. But I was able to finish the rough draft by mid June (looking at my blogs/FB messages) sent it off to critique partner, who got it back to me about a week after I got a job. Figures, right?

Anyway, I finished it up, finally, adding a few scenes, etc., ending up over 55k+ on the word count before sending it off. Well, they liked the changes and I'm now dizzy with relief and excitement. I'd been going through one of those writing funks that makes me doubt, for a moment, my ability to write. It lasted for a week. One of my longest ever! Needless to say, the offer brought me straight out of it :D

I'm ready to tackle the other half of my Fantasy story for Splintered lands, or maybe write up a couple shorts, or maybe all of the above :) Have to get it done! lol I know I can do it, and my belief in myself is back, which is what I need to get things accomplished in a timely manner!

Happy Christmas to me! lol And to all of you, may everyone have a dream come true!

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  1. Happy Christmas to you too!!!!!!!! Yay for the end of the funks :D