Thursday, August 18, 2011


I'm so sorry, my peeps!! I seriously forgot about my blog after the last post. Not, oh, I'll worry about my blog later, but a complete, my blog is out of my head kind of thing!! As a result, I've had HALF the visitors in this last month. I started working, then I started helping with this summers community theatre set build, then I started another job, and I'm still a mom and wife. I can't believe how I had just blogged how hard it was to find a job that will work around my family's needs and now I have two jobs that will do it. I'm logging a lot of hours for little pay/per hour, but, that's cuz of the learning curve and getting everything organized.

Also, the more I help my bosses, the more I'll get paid. So, at the end of this month, between the two jobs and the bits and pieces for writing and painting that I'll be getting, I'll probably be able to be off public assistance! :D And I'll still be able to be home with my boys, home school and take them to parks/other fun places. Yeah! So starting next month, I'm hoping to have enough money to not be out of food before payday and pay of fsome bills :) I'm not getting paid a lot, but I'll get enough to make up for the garnishment that's been killing us, and that's an important amount of money. It was our food money. I can't believe what a relief this is.

As for writing, I've not done a lot of new writing, but I've managed to do some formatting on Winds of Fire's paperback version (I got my proof copy and OUCH!) and some more editing on other stories. I've also started working around in my head how to do a couple of rewrites. One is for the fantasy anthology. I've got to get moving hardcore on my book that I'm doing for Splintered lands as well! I'm going to be busy!! Wait, I'm already busy! LOL Oh, and I got a small commission for a painting that I"m excited to do!!

Sorry I forgot my blog!! I'm going to have to set an alarm or something to remind me to make sure I get one out at least once a week!! So, I'll talk to you soon! Don't let me forget :D

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