Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Friday

It's Friday and I'm feeling so much better about my writing then yesterday. I have a ton to do. My serial writer partner for Splintered Lands has bowed out, so I'm going to be doing it by myself. And I have to do my short rewrite and novel for them. I have a lot of other things going on--I'm helping with set building for husband play he's involved with for community theatre. That should take care of the bulk of my weekend :P plus I started my new job, which is not a huge time thing, but will become more and more so. Dress Rehearsals start this week, which will be a big time suck for Nate and I won't have a car for most of the week because of it. Major bummer.

I've been taking the kids to the park every evening this week because I know the next three weeks are going to suck big time. If I had a thousand dollars, it would be supremely awesome and easy. I could pay for a sitter, get Papa Murphy's and lots of premade food (ie shredded cheese, sliced mushrooms, that kind of thing) to save time. As it is, I'm going to be hellaciously busy and trying to find time to paint.

The itch to paint isn't so bad since I'm painting "murals" for the set building, but I have things in particular I want to paint. Problem is I need my varnish and some more canvases. I have a few left, but they shall be gone after my next painting frenzy.

Thinking of making some flapper dresses for Etsy sizes 18-20. I've been looking on there and MOST dresses are small or custom made (which is cool). But that will take some time. Not too much money though. I just have to watch for pattern sales. I have fabric that I'd intended for medieval dresses, which I could make as well. Having trouble with the sizing though. I've noticed that the sizing isn't consistent. Course could put that in the sized according to McCalls pattern number XXXX or something. Anyways, working hard to be creative, make money, and write :D

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