Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Midwife's Moon re-release and The War of the Weres

*Waves* We are forgoing this weeks Your book. Your Business. posts to bring you news of the exciting sort! My book!!! With beautiful new edits, some words cut, over 1k new words added, a glossary of peeps --including a sneak peek at characters not out yet!--and locations and specialty words as well! So much new stuff. In the first book, I also re-edited and added significant number of words as I also cut some. I rewrote a scene and added a short scene. So you want to get books one and two new versions! And book three is hopefully not too far behind! In the meantime, there will be shorts released!


I TOTALLY AM IN LOVE WITH THEM. My cover artist, Victoria Miller, pushed out some more beautiful work! *gives standing ovation*

Right now, I have over 15 full length novels and about 6 chronicles (these are main characters/story bits already moving, some partly written...I have two shorts written, one half written, and others clamoring, half a full length and notes on another full length...from writing in my *spare* time.

I'm so excited to have these back out. Some health issues, partly caused by extreme stress both in my personal life and my professional life, put these on hold. But I'm having new ideas all the time. These books will traverse the world over! Next, in The Panther's Hunter, I stay in my home state of Washington, but move off the reservation to a transplanted werepanther to Mt. Rainier.  Transplanted from New Orleans, where I am planning to go for book four if Sherona and Tom's story will wait. They were planned for book 6, but Sherona is a character to be reckoned with and Tom is her perfect counter point and can quite hold his own against her shenanigans. I just hope I can get the others written fast enough for them!

Barnes and Noble can be found here, All Romance ebooks (ARe) can be found here, and Amazon here. It is also on Kobo, Google Play, and iTunes or books, or whatever it is LOL I always get them mixed up.  Enjoy this continuing saga where each story has the world woven through with continuing stories, but stands on it's own as a novel. You will find yourself both satisfied with the main story and wanting more for the world! :D

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