Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello Rhiannon Wellman!

Please welcome a lovely friend and terrific author, Rhiannon Wellman. :) This is just a bit about her works in progress :D How fun to see into an author's "stash" of work! Soon, I'm going to entice her to come and talk about the difficulties she's overcome--and has to overcome each day!--in order to be an author. For now, enjoy your peek into a writer's mind. Hello, Rhiannon!!
Firstly, I'd like to say thank you very much for having me. This whole tour is very exciting for me. I've already filled up seventeen of the thirty dates of September which is very cool.

I think I'm going to kick things off by telling you about the four stories I've picked for this tour and where I am on each of them. I do a lot of writing by hand, but for the sake of this, anything not typed doesn't count.


Story One

Moon Bound:- This is the sequel to 'Red on the Moon' (which is currently on sale on, I'll put the link at the bottom)

This one tells the story of Scott Donald, the younger brother of Lucas. A werewolf living in San Francisco and how a series of coincidental events leads him to find his mate. But there are forces trying to stop them.

I have lots of this written by hand but as yet words typed is a big fat Zero.


Story Two

A Dirty Weekend:- This story might sound self-explanatory, but it only starts with the weekend. There are twists and turns that mean it doesn't end when Monday rolls around. (I do promise what the title says is a big part of the story too, I had fun with this one.)

I've written up to the end of the weekend, but only typed 333 words


Story Three

Writers block:-  When writers block strikes, sometimes the best thing you can do is get away from the computer. When Mark (I might change this name) does just that in search of inspiration, he finds it in the form of Ben and his little boy.

Words typed so far 178 (holy shit that's just pathetic)


Story Four

Out of Uniform and into Love:- Two service men on leave together are trapped in their tent to wait out a storm, a bottle or two of whiskey and a few confessions later lead to a whole new life neither expected.

This story was supposed to be finished, it was to be a little teaser story, but, well, I liked it so much I decided to tweak where I originally finished and turn it into a much longer story. So the word count for this one is a far more respectable 4504 words.


So those are the stories. What do you think? Is there one you'd like to hear more about? Each day I'll just post the title and word count. Now I'm rearing to go, hopefully we'll see a vast improvement in my counts.

Until tomorrow.


If you want to follow the daily posts you can find a list on my blog, I'll update links as we go, so if you miss a day, don't worry you can find it here:

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