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Raven McAllan Miss Simpkins' School: Miss Flora

Hi all!! *Waves Madly* I'm so so so sorry! I missed posting this at the release time, but now, she gets to be the very first in my new blog feature, Succulent Saturday Stories! Whether looking for a quick read, or something more, you'll find new stories here every week!

Hot writer, and a regency favorite, Raven McAllan brings us a whole new series to love. Take it away Raven!

Sometimes an idea jumps up and metaphorically bites you in the bum. Sometimes it creeps up and taps you on the shoulder. And then again (note, the editor in Leona will be cringing at all these 'sometimes', oh how I love to torture her), sometimes it does both.

With Miss Simpkins' story it was most definitely both.

I don't know if you're like me but sometimes, (sorry couldn't resist it) a minor character catches your attention, and you think "oh I wonder what happened to her?" That's how it was with Molly Simpkins. She was a very minor, but a pivotal, (you know I've wanted to use that word for years) character in one of my earliest books, A Most Unusual Mistress. Without her, there would have been no book, but we only met her very briefly.  Ever since then, I found myself wondering what she got up to.

Well, now I know. She opened a 'school'. Where Seduction's the game, and success is the aim. Flora ia her first student.

Ex mistress to an Earl, who better than Molly Simpkins to show Flora how to ensure she gets what she needs from her marriage?

Flora's intended has idea she doesn't agree with. Angus thinks she should be happy to live at their Scottish estate whilst he spends his time in London.

It may be the way of the ton, but it isn't going to be Flora's way. This is her chance to show Angus what he'd miss if he leaves her alone. There's only one thing, she doesn't know how.

Luckily Miss Simpkins does.


Here's a wee taste…


“Ah, so good. Fraser. I need to know.”

“Know what? Tell me, Flora, show me what you want.” His finger moved in her, and yet more stings and tingles enveloped her. She began to lose the ability to speak, let alone think. What had he asked?

“What? Ah, everything, I have to experience everything.” Her tongue seemed to have developed a mind of its own, and she had trouble forming her words.

He moved so fast she didn’t have time to look and admire his body as he pulled the banyan over his head and stretched out on his back next to her.

“Then take what you need.” He spread his hands out wide.

What? He expects me to touch him? How, I wonder? She decided that perhaps to mimic some of his actions would be acceptable. But she was naked, and so was he, what if? Stop thinking and just do something. Before she had a chance to change her mind, Flora scrambled onto her knees and knelt by his side. As she dipped her head her hair brushed his chest and he groaned. She pulled back in alarm, but he grabbed her arm.

“Oh no, don’t stop. I’m interested, very interested to see what happens next.” He rubbed her arms in a soft soothing manner. “That gentle caress had to be the prelude to so much more. Touch me, as you like to be touched.” He guided her hand to his chest. “I promise you won’t give me pain—not in a bad way.”

Emboldened by his words and actions, Flora circled the dark male areolae one by one, and pinched his nipples in much the same way he had done to her. His eyes deepened in color as the nubs hardened under her touch.

“More.” Just one word, designed to make her feel empowered. She bent her head again and laved the area with her tongue before taking one nub into her mouth and grazing it with her teeth. It was his turn to gasp.


She had to agree with him. Each touch she gave him made her ever more excited, and her juices increased, to coat her thighs. She shifted her body, and he grasped her waist to hold her closer, until she was half on top of him. Something hard pressed against her side. She did a mental inventory of where she was and realized his cock was rubbing her.

“I think my pego is ready for you, my dear. Eager and in dire need of attention.”

Flora took a swift glance downward and then looked back up to his face. He was correct. She wasn’t sure she was ready to take his prick in hand yet. In the moonlight, Fraser’s eyes glittered and the smile he gave her was one of encouragement. “Don’t give up now, my love. Finish what you’ve started.”

That was the problem, what had she started? “I don’t know how,” she said. “Will you show me?”

“For someone who doesn’t know how, you have a gift be- yond price,” Fraser answered her, his voice deep and smooth, like liquid chocolate. “My body is oh so ready to fuck. I would very much like to feel you around me, to feel my cock deep inside you, and bring us both to climax. However, there are a couple of things that need clarifying first.”

There was? Flora wasn’t sure she liked the sound of that. The deep grey eyes now had a hint of steel in them, and his mouth had firmed. How he could turn from lazy-eyed lover to this implacable dominant male she wasn’t sure. She pulled back to kneel on her knees and Fraser didn’t stop her.

“I also wish to understand something.” She did her best to sound in control of herself, and not a quivering mass of need.

“Like what?”

She guessed the loud thumping she could hear was her heart as she decided how to reply. “Why do you want to marry me? Why me and not any other acceptable female? What makes you think I’m the right person for you? To bear your children, continue the line, and to do all your countess should.” Would he answer her? If he did, would it be what she wanted to hear?

The silence lasted for all of the count of thirty noisy heart- beats. Flora began to worry. Had she done everything wrong? She began to edge backward. He shot out his hand and caught her un- aware and she toppled forward onto his hard body once more. His cock wedged between them and tickled her quim. Then he smiled slowly as he rolled her under him, and looked down on her as he rested on his elbows. The scant inch between them heightened her arousal, until her body was a mass of tiny pin pricks and ripples.

“Because I only want you, have only wanted you since you so prettily asked me to marry you all those years ago. Hell, I’ve waited with as much patience as I could muster. So many years as I watched and hoped no other would catch your eye. The older you grew, the prettier you became, the harder it was for me to stand back and wait. But I promised John I would let you grow without preconceived ideas of your future. No longer, let me show you.” He knelt up, and grasped her ankles.

Her legs were parted as he placed one foot on each of his shoulders. Flora watched wide-eyed, her throat tight, and her mouth dry as he took hold of his cock and stroked it slowly from glistening tip to hard balls. She bit her lip. His prick was so big, its purple head slick with his juice, and the veins along its length stood out and beckoned to her.

“Are you ready?”


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