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Round Robin - Tea Cooper

A Winning Streak by Téa Cooper


Will the path of true love incur the wrath of the virgin Goddess Artemis?
Abandoned at birth, Atalante, protege of the goddess Artemis, is forced into an untenable position by her estranged father, the King of Arcadia—renege on her vow of virginity or condemn her suitors to a sacrificial death. The aristocratic courtier, Melanion, cannot believe anyone would be foolish enough to put their life on the line for the dirty little predator whose reputation for speed and cruelty is legendary. That is until he falls under Atalante's spell.
Consumed by desire and jealousy, Melanion is determined to win Atalante's hand or die trying. He calls upon Aphrodite to assist him, little realizing that her noisome brat, Eros, has the pair of them in his sights and is determined to inject a little spice into their lives. Spice that will devastate the path of true love and incur the wrath of the virgin Goddess Artemis.



Digital Edition: $2.99 | ISBN: | Length: 20,000 words

Publication Date: June 14th, 2013 | PDF – MOBI – EPUB |Timeless

Sales Link: Breathless Press

Copyright 2013, Téa Cooper

All rights reserved, Breathless Press.




The sixth day of Thargelion

Mount Parthenius, Arcadia


Purple thunderclouds swirled, and lightning slashed the sky. Artemis the Huntress, goddess of the forests and the hills, stood astride the mountaintop, staring in fascination at the frail human figure edging its way to the cave.

The figure gazed around furtively, then placed a tightly wrapped bundle beneath the shelter of the rocky overhang before stepping stealthily away through the glade of moon-white cyclamen flowers.

A flash of lightning illuminated the interior of a cave. Bounding effortlessly down the mountain, Artemis raged at the folly of mankind.

"Great Zeus above!"

Impossibly huge cerulean eyes stared up at her—the epitome of perfection. Artemis reached down and picked up the swaddled bundle. The scent of the fresh, sweet skin and the flawless rosebud mouth tugged at her heart as she cradled the tiny body close to her breast and raised her fist to the heavens. "This I vow, my little one, you shall become fleet of foot, a huntress, second to none and guided by my ever-watchful eye."

Pulling back the tightly wrapped swaddling, she gazed in awe as the plump, perfectly formed limbs pounded the air. "I name you Atalantê, my princess, for we are as one. In perfect harmony you will grow in my image, your maiden divinity never to be conquered by Eros."

Artemis listened as in the valley below, the Arcadian people held their collective breath. She stilled the lightning and dismissed the thunderclouds. Finally, when the pale sun rose, the frustrated cries of Lord Iasius filled the palace. "Gods! Take back your girl. Give me a boy to inherit my kingdom!"

The acts of men are rarely unheeded by the gods, and Artemis vowed compassion for her little foundling, seeing to her warmth and nourishment until the girl grew tall and nimble, slim of hip—a virgin huntress, in her own image.





Téa writes contemporary and historical romantic fiction featuring strong-minded women and sexy heroes who have to fight long and hard for what they believe in before they reach their happy ever after.

A Winning Streak is Téa's first Ancient Greek novella. She has written three contemporary romances Tree Change, The Protea Boys and Passionfruit & Poetry. She is currently working on a series of nineteenth century historical romances set in Australia. The first Lily's Leap released in May 2013 and Matilda's Freedom, will be released on 1st July 2013.

To keep up with all of Téa's news visit her website where you will find links to her blog and social media pages.




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