Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Impulse, we got it

Hey, guess what? I'm blogging today LOL

But it's not for me. As you've probably seen, I've gotten bad about it. But, I have great news! I come bearing gifts. We've reached the time to give you a free book! Raven's Impulse!

You can get it here, and in case you forgot what the cover looks like:

It's free for a short time only. Want to read a little of our upcoming release, Temptation, an Isola Dei Sogni novel as well?
"Ah love." He cuddled her close and Meryl felt his heartbeat resonate through her. "I'm always there,.You chose to ignore it. You are my life and with me, in me at all times. I shouldn't have stayed and I did. I shouldn't have left like I did, but I had no option. Surely you knew you just had to show me you needed me and I'd be with you? If not in person, in your dreams. Even when you've called me all the names no self-respecting person should know let alone say." He paused and rubbed her shoulder. "Just because I'm not on show, doesn't mean I'm not here, not with you. Hold your hand out and let your heart feel me. You are mine, and even though you doubt it, it's true."
He ran his hand over her heart, and Meryl felt his heat burning into her. She melted as he kissed her, and his hand lifted her t-shirt and stroked her breast over the top of her bra. Her skin tingled and Meryl crossed her legs to stop the shivers of excitement she felt from being too obvious. She was on a plane for heavens sake. Okay she'd heard of the mile high club, but it was so not her.
He grinned, and tingles danced down her spine. "Ah my lovely Meryl just let yourself go. Purr for me." He nipped and sucked her shoulder and at the same time moved his hand to creep under the top of her jeans and touch her clit. Meryl groaned at the sweet sting he gave her, even as she arched into his palm. His breath was warm on her neck. "Oh sweet, I've so missed touching you. Come for me now." As he stroked and petted it was the perfect feeling of love, care, and being needed. She began to shake, and he drank her sighs and mewls of pleasure as his mouth covered hers in a long lingering kiss. With a silent scream she shattered. As she came down from one of the most exhilarating climaxes ever, his hands stroked her hair in a long soothing caress. If she were a cat she'd purr.
 Hold on. Cats? Purring? What the hell is going on? Her sleepy, sated state disappeared in a second.
 Meryl opened her eyes. All thoughts of her climax disappeared as she saw where she was. Sheesh, did I really make myself come with a dream? Hell I hope no one saw or heard me.  She checked—the blanket still covered her.

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