Thursday, September 22, 2011

Have Mercy

That title makes me think of a song. I just realized how long it has been since I blogged. Someone needs to whip me. I have lots of good excuses (two day jobs, writing deadlines, painting commissions and closing week of husband's play) but the real problem has been my internet. I've been paying 70.m for an aircard that works like crap and now after YEARS and YEARS of using this, they started charging roaming. This card was grandfathered in to the free unlimited everything. Well, I didn't mind the slow internet before cuz it was what it was. But they're going to charge roaming for a netflix movie that we can't watch half of cuz the playback time is too slow? Get real. So I've cancelled that card (not officially because I want more time to pay the bill which I'm afraid to look at) and it quit working lik 75% of the time. Found new bundle thingy, but have to do it in steps cuz of money. So, should have internet at home by middle to end of October, depending on installation stuff.

We're getting Satellite internet :D yay! Will be good and fast all the time. NO more crap from towers down and stuff. Although, sounds funny to me that we're getting satellite internet when there's a satellite due to fall out of the sky, yanno?

Anyways, I have had trouble with my borrowed laptop. Fixed for most part, but I lost my notes on the fantasy story I'm doing for Splintered Lands, which is worst than losing the story that I'd already written (except for one glorious scene. I think the original word descriptions and pacing was better than my rewrite, but ce la vie. Anyhoo, I've re-written over 6k already. only 90k more to go :P Also need to rework part of a short, but I figured out how I can do it without changing the flavor when I reread their information. I'm excited! I keep forgetting to download the ongoing to a jumpdrive, so should be getting on that as well. ON top of that, I've had another painting commissioned!

We've had a few spider bites, the worst on my husband recently again, a bit of asthma trouble, but otherwise, we've been doing alright. My kids are now excited about the internet stuff even though it's a little ways away. We'll be able to have more than one computer on the internet at a time!! yes!

So, after you've whipped me and scolded me, you going to forgive me for taking too long to blog?? Please?? I did do a short update on my website, so does that count? lol It feels good to be back in the writing mode even if I can't share my triumph's and angst with the social world while doing it. I sure miss twitter...trying to do it on phone, but that stinks :P

How've you all been??? Anyone getting any wonderful writing or painting done??

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