Wednesday, March 31, 2010

yeah I'm writing :)

I got everything that I had to do before 5 accomplished! Now, I'm sitting down and trying to do the writing editing I kept starting yesterday but baby kept interrupting. (He seems to know EXACTLY when I'm needing to be paying extra attention to screen:P)

I've left the house and told them not to expect me back until I'm ready, LOL
Or until my kid who had a fever last night gets worst. He was fever free around 1 pm, so there's hope. *keeping fingers crossed

Laptop was low from using it to check my email while the eldest son was getting a filling. Now its charged enough I think I can safely run windows without a catastrophe :D

Well, goodbye March, hello April and ScriptFrenzy. Stay tuned to see what a crazy mother who also is a good story teller goes through when trying to keep deadlines and goals :)

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