Friday, March 26, 2010


How did we ever live before the internet? My life is so much more interesting when I connect with my online friends. Thankfully, I believe I'll be online more now, so will keep people updated.

I'm working on my initial book for the paranormal series which is coming from a short story that I'm making into two novels. I'm trying to write no matter what and I've got papers all over the place with paragraphs and chapters and NOW I CANT FIND THEM LMAO.

I'll find them eventually. In the meantime, grrrrr.

My kindergartner(spelling?) needs to learn how to focus focus focus. He doesn't want to do anything that is "chore" related and spends lots of time avoiding putting his shoes on in the most irritating, annoying manner possible.

My teenagers? Well, the girl has gotten a hundred times better. As for the boy??? I have suggested that all who know and love him say their last goodbyes.

I'm organizing my fabric, putting the costumes together with all their pieces and making lists of everything I need to finish them. It's been fun. I have a canvas board drying to paint. I'm making costume pieces for the play my husband is the lead in and that I got roped into doing. My writing time? Done while rehearsal is running, while waiting at the optomotrist, while sitting in car waiting for husband to get in, etc. But I'm finding it :)

Everyone have a good weekend.

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