Monday, February 1, 2016

Sheri Velarde new release

Well, guess what? Sheri and I, teaming up so many times, have now done it again. Our books are coming out in February. I asked her to write about Vampires as my anthology coming out just before Valentine's also includes Vampires. Her and I share a deep love for vampires and many lores. This is a fun story. I hope you pick up her story!

Vampires. What makes them so fascinating? Why are they always popular in fiction? Personally, I think that it is the promise of youth, health and immortality. Plus nowadays they’re dead sexy! The days of Nosferatu are gone, welcome Damon Salvatore instead. In our culture everyone seems to want to stay looking young, well I guess vampirism is one way to do it. Now I can only speak for myself here, but as someone who has and is still battling major illnesses, the promise of being young and healthy forever has a great appeal. If I drank the blood of a vampire I would be cured? Sign me up. I can deal with the lack of sun and drinking blood to feel healthy and powerful any day.

There is also the promise of eternal love that goes along with eternal life. If you have found the love of your life, wouldn’t you want to spend eternity with them? Especially as mentioned before if they are gorgeous and sexy as hell? Yes please! Imagine being about to travel the world forever with your one true love. Never fearing being separated? Sounds pretty appealing right?

I don’t think vampires are ever going to go out of style. The mythos of them is as eternal as they are. Sure, they seem to change over time. They were once monsters to be feared, now they are creatures to be desired, or at least mine are ;)



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Three vampire stories in one collection for the first time!

In Under a Ring of Fire, everything changes for Jackie thanks to an eclipse of the sun. She is a dying woman, living what's left of her life in misery. One night, one mysterious guest and she will be forever altered. Is this her chance to live at last?

In Curse of the Blood, not even service to his king in time of war could prepare Melvil for the pleasurable evil he would suffer at the hands of Honnor. One act of kindness dooms him to a life that he never wanted.

In Alone No More, the tortured Melvil is back, living a life of penance. One night he saves a young woman from ghouls and sees hope for the first time in years. Ella is a woman alone in life, until a mysterious Frenchman saves her from more than ghouls.

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