Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Free Print book giveaways! First up, The Ulfric's Mate

Hi!! Well, guess what? I've been a busy girl! I've done loads of things, from finishing a fancy dress that needs a fitting, 
 to finishing a super secret painting job,
(no, this is not the secret painting job. Just how thick do you think I am?!) *the above is painted with left over paints from the super secret job*, to putting out new books, to dealing with the over 100 degree heat with no air conditioner, and trying to replant my container garden which a neighbor kid destroyed, on top of health issues and physical therapy, let's just say my brain is a massive puddle of icky, sticky goo! Honestly, I'm trying to write! I had planned to have three shorts and panthers finished last month. Now it looks as if I'll have to do a major push to get it finished this month! Also, I had planned to do more blogging. Does it count that I did a few in my head? It's more than I was doing before LOL

Now, for the big deal. You have two days left to enter the Goodreads giveaway! This is for a print book, people! And, better yet, this one is open to GB, US, and CA!!!! So fly, my pretties! Add your name to the drop!

As you can see, although my amount of words have not been gratifying, I have been busy finding review quotes, getting print covers, setting up blog tours, marketing, etc for my writing. While all of this is a necessary evil (except getting the covers!! I love getting covers :D), and has to do with writing even, it does not fill the part of me that wants to be writing grand adventures and getting the world to read! Nor does it provide my brain with the outlet for the million and one worlds and people floating through it's head. I must get back to writing. I have it on my list now. Oh, what lists? Well see, I've started making lists. And they helped me through the horrific health issues this time. And though I still had bad side effects, I did much better! It also took less time to recover and become productive! I am a list making fool now! Watch out ;) World Domination in progress.

Now, since I haven't quite accomplished that bit, will you please enter and/or go buy your copy of the paperback, or, for the price of a good mocha, get your ebook here.

Anyway, time for me to go! Good luck :)


  1. I don't know I kind of like the super secret paint job you posted a picture of ;)

  2. LOL I kind of like it too...it's just not a secret!! It's the first horse I've painted that I've liked, so that's something!

  3. Its a lovely horse! Good luck on your print books!!

    1. Thank you! it really is my favorite... LOL I've only painted two that have seen the light of day, and I rather like this one :D And I can't wait to hold the print books in my hand. :D