Saturday, July 13, 2013

SJ Thomas Naughty Nursery Rhyme

Hi all!

I have the lovely SJ Thomas's Naughty Nursery Rhyme today :)

As you know if you follow my blog, I have one as well. *dances* SJ's is Haye Deborah Diddle and the cover is fantastic. It may be my favorite cover in the Naughty Nursery Rhyme line!!

Want to see it? Of course you do. Pics are fun, and covers are the bomb.

When Deborah Diddle leaves her quiet village to escape a forced marriage, she soon comes across Haye, the most seductive and mysterious male she has ever seen.

Haye offers to teach her about the desire she craves, but he is not of the mortal world, and to know his touch Deborah must face the challenges of his forest; a world of bizarre and fantastic creatures, seductive temptations, and dangerous enemies.

Will Deborah succeed and win Haye? Or will she succumb and lose both herself and the male who stirs her body and soul...

That sounds exciting! A definite keeper in the Naughty Nursery Rhymes!!!

This is release weekend, so be sure to say hi, and go get it! If you go here you can see the whole line of them. We're up to eleven now with this wonderful addition.

If you love a little spice in your life, and you like things tantalizing, you'll want to own all of them! If you're looking for a little taste, Haye Deborah Diddle is a good place to start.

Buy info for her book specifically is here.

If you've been lucky enough to have picked up and read it already, I'd love to hear what you think in the comments. :)

Thanks SJ for a great addition to our fun line.

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  1. Hi Leona. Thanks so much for having me. It's great to be part of the NNR family at last and I'm really pleased with how this one turned out.