Thursday, February 28, 2013


Things have been a trip and a half for me these last years. Lately, health issues really took my time away from blogging :) I've really enjoyed the author features, but I have to remember, this is about the whole walk-being a parent, a writer, and still blogging/marketing.

My boy, now four years old, is in the special program at school that will help  him improve his speech :) He's a cute kid all the way around, and stubborn as all get out. :D We picked up a fun play area to build in our back yard... slide, swing, wall climbing, with a two story house you climb to the top of to get to the slide. It'll be a blast!

We finished the fence as well, so I know have a fenced in yard for him to play in! We've got a pool we picked up from craigslist (thanks mom!!) for free(she found it and is awesome!) and will have that as well. It's an above ground pool, but a long one! This summer is looking to be fun for our kids.

Our yards coming along. A lot better than my health is I'm afraid. But I'm starting again, doing like last year, yard work, and c25k to be starting again. I'm starting a month ahead of time so hopefully, will get farther and healthier faster.

I'd started roller derby in September, but then bled for months and months. I'm hoping (keep fingers and toes crossed) I can go back to it!! I'm going to go this weekend and see what they say. It would be a great way to keep in shape!

The big news is I'M RELEASING TWO ANTHOLOGIES WITH BREATHLESS PRESS TOMORROW! Crimson, a vampire antho, and Service, an antho with military related shorts! I'm so stinking excited and overwhelmed! Here's where the party's going to be! Commenting earns you entry to the grand prize! The more entries I get the more prizes I'll give away. The big prize is all six of my books from Breathless Press :) So come and join the fun and let me thrill you!

Here's the event:!/events/539386762748951/540457685975192/?notif_t=plan_mall_activity

See you there!


  1. Wow, sounds like you're writing a lot. Very cool! Neat blog:)

    1. LOL Yes, I'm writing a lot! I had to set up a production plan (which promptly went south, but adjusting!) to keep it all straight :) Now I'm doing a revise & resubmit, ie they like it but fix this, then back to the sequels :D Thanks for stopping by!