Wednesday, January 30, 2013

And today, I have an author that has been a good friend in my corner ever since I joined twitter. I've managed to hooked in with her on too many levels so now will be stuck with her forever. *grins* Sorry NL, no give backs :D
You want to get integrated? Here's some ways to stalk er no, you don't want to do that, she bites, follow her and keep up with her book worlds.
Just Ink Press:
She's got so many hats she wears, I couldn't begin to describe them all :) Today, we'll focus on the writer hat. Everyone please welcome N.L. Gervasio. *canned clapping all around* She's got something special for you the next few days. Check it out!
Hey there Sinners and Saints,
January 30th through February 1st, you will be able to download Gods & Vampyres for FREE. What’s even better? From February 2nd through February 3rd, The Dracove will be FREE again.
You can get the first two books in the Prophecy series for FREE this week and this week ONLY.
Read about them below. Click on the book covers for direct links to the books.
The Dracove – Book I of the Prophecy series
Kylie O’Rourke has unwittingly walked into the path of two vampyres—one who wants to use her as a sacrifice, and one who only wishes to win her heart. As she is pulled into their clandestine world, she learns more about her history and the reason behind her horrible nightmares.
Master vampyre Cianán searches for the one woman who could take his immortality to the next level—godhood. But, when he finds his Chosen One, his progeny Grantlund stumbles onto the Master’s plan . . . again. As if losing his first sacrifice to the bastard wasn’t enough, the Fates were to torment him with a second time.
Gods & Vampyres – Book II of the Prophecy series
The act never changes, only its players over thousands of years.
When Kylie is taken for use as a sacrifice in an ancient ritual, Grantlund races to save her life, but he has to wait for that perfect moment or all will be lost. Not only does he have to go up against his former Master, Cianán, one of the oldest and most powerful vampyres on Earth, but now the gods are involved, and Cianán has a very prominent one in his corner.
Grant will do anything to stop Cianán from destroying his lover and this world, but what price is he willing to pay? Death at the hands of the woman he loves?
An epic battle is about to begin, and not even the gods know who will come out the victor.
This promotion starts on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning at midnight PST, so be sure to bookmark the event or write it down. And share, share, share, folks! Word of mouth is an author’s best advertising!
I’ll work hard to get the next Prophecy series book out—Gemini – Book III of the Prophecy series. It needs a lot of editing too, and perhaps some dissection, where a novella may come of it.
Also, don’t forget to check the Just Ink Press website for Special Content.
As always, I appreciate you stopping by and reading.
NL “Jinxie” Gervasio is a creator and destroyer of worlds. She’s both editor and author, and discovered she’s quite good at the romance thing—writing it, that is—along with vampires, werewolves, zombies, angels and demons.
Jinxie is the CEO and Founder of Just Ink Press, her second publishing company, and she also owns and operates Forever Nocturne e-zine, a bi-annual literary magazine. Jinxie reviews books in her spare time, of which she rarely has any.
Jinxie was born on Friday the 13th. Her dad wanted to call her Jinx. Her mom said no. It took 34 years for her to discover the nickname, and she's grown quite attached to it. She lives in Tempe, Arizona with Umi (her mother), whom she cares for. She enjoys riding her beach cruiser "The Betty" around downtown Tempe, loves a good pub crawl, and has had the pleasure and the heartache of experiencing a love far greater than she could have ever imagined.
She welcomes you to her worlds.
Jinxie is the author of the Kick-Ass Girls Club series book Nemesis, and the Prophecy series books The Dracove and Gods & Vampyres. She’s also an editor for several successful authors.
Find Jinxie online for updates to upcoming works:
Click on cover for links to the books :)  

Cover love :D Now, go and check this girl out!

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