Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hey there everyone :)
We're on Blog Tour! First, I hope you went and checked out Angelina Rain's book, Rescued Love. Next item of business, did you miss me? ;;) Been uber busy and stressed with getting kids in school, sick kids, and fires so bad that the smoke is still bothering some people. But, I'm taking a week off. Well, sort of. I'm writing what I want to write, when. I'm not forcing it. Aaaaaand, I'm on tour. Oops. Wrong week to choose for a vacation lol

It's the anthology Ravaged:

This anthology is a great way to try new authors/genres you might not have thought about. There's bound to be a story or two you'll like. This blog tour runs for five days. Here's day one and day two so go enter! It's the GBLT releases, (I know at least one story fits this criteria :) so  you may find other books to spend the giveaway money on if you're the lucky winner!!

I want one of my people to win, so go check it out!!

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