Thursday, July 21, 2011

Art Auction

Okay, someone suggested something awhile ago, and I have no idea the proper way to go about it, but I'm going to try anyway. I'm going to auction off some of my artwork..There will be minimums, yada yada. I need to raise some money. We've promised the boys Harry Potter and now need to deliver :)

Here's the deal:

Three paintings, all with minimum amounts. One week to post amount you're willing to pay. This will be open auction in comments as well as silent through email due to blogger's BS re: comments. I will post the latest auction amount either in comments, blogger willing, or will edit the post to announce. Also, they all have a buy now price on Etsy, which is where I'll be linking for the pics. Please do not pay until auction is over, unless you go through Etsy and take the buy now price.

Auction item number one: Lily of the Green The pics are a littly fuzzy and I'm going to try to take better ones today, but you get the idea. FYI this piece was done with pallete knife. Starting price is $200 payable by paypal.

Item number two: Purple Vase This piece is custome framed. Also done with pallette knife. Minimum on this is $300 payable by paypal (due to the frame) and there is little to no medium used in the paints when I do it by pallete knife. Buy now price is $750 through Etsy.

Item number three: Free to Roam This is large painting, done with thick paints in some places and not others. This is a favorite of mine (as you'll see when you read the description.;) Starting price is $400 payable by paypal. The Buy Now price is $1250

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT PAY UNTIL NOTIFIED YOU'VE WON OR BUYING DIRECT THROUGH ETSY! Paypal charges me a percentage of all incoming funds and you will only get back what Paypal actually delivers to me.

This is a non-refundable auction. All proceeds go to benefit my family. I made a comment about Harry Potter, but really, we need so much more or I wouldn't be doing this. Thanks for your support!

This auction goes from now until 3:00 until Tuesday, July 26th, PST. or whatever I'm at in WA state LOL Bids after that time will not be accepted. You may make an offer on any of my artwork available on Etsy as well. The items on this list are gauranteed to go at the minimum prices, the others are not, but I'm willing to negotiate it.

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