Monday, September 27, 2010

oh my lord

Yes, I know the pics didn't work. sigh. nothing has worked for me on blogger until yesterday. My internet has been overworked. We live in a no-fly zone. Not for airplanes, but for cells and other things that take some sort of communication between things like cell towers, satellites, you know, all the modern ways of talking. Plus, nearly impossible for ham radio signals. I say nearly, but who knows, maybe it is. So far as I know, it's impossible. Even Search and Rescue have hard time communicating in this particualr area. Means it works off and on. Mostly off when I want it. Works fine for the stinks playing games. But when I want to do actual work/research, NOOOOO why would it work?

Anyways, for those of you who also follow me on twitter. I am no longer @pizaseven. I am @writemyart I'm not some scary stalker that's newly arrived on the scene. I'm the same one!

I'm starting a new short story. I have a very short time limit (
PS. Back in the saddle I hope :) Thinking I'm going to try doing the blog 2x week+ That way, if I have problems on blogger, I won't be absent so long. Plus, I may have discovered how to do those "preblogs" ahead of time! Sounds like a freaking plan to me!

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