Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winds of Fire

So I've updated authonomy. I've reloaded the chapters with the new corrections, plus inserted a new chapter between the old eight and nine as well as adding a new chapter to the end. There are now 12 chapters on authonomy for critiquing and reading. :) it takes a while to do that because you have to save each chapter individually.

The process is kinda like this:

Someone else edits bits and pieces.
Edit some more.
Oh yeah, must copy/paste to individual chapters.
Copy. Scream because I hate touch pads on laptops.
Erase old words.
Paste new ones.
Wait until such a time that I can get online and Update.
Read new comments.
Start process over...

I'm getting near the end and I'm excited. I'm also working on my fantasy novel, which you might remember from NaNoWriMo (see other blog :) By the end of March, I will have both finished, approximately, 45k words, and sent of to at least one publisher/agent.

There. I've put it in writing. How's that for making goals :) Now all I have to do is convince my family. Especially the 16 month old. He is sure that 2 am is playtime :D

I guess that's okay. Last night I sent my backups to myself by email. Thank God for Mother-in-Laws! It has been great having the Internet at my beck and call. LOL

In the midst of all the writing, I also need to do the exercises on my favourite blog, edittorent. I wish I knew how to do the damn link thing because I'd link it in a heart beat. Also, there is another blog I follow, Fierce Romance, that has a neat story on it that I'd like to link to. GRRRRRR so much to do and so little time to do it in.

Also, I'm outlining/previsualizing the changes to my paranormal story from one short to two full length novels. I have my work cut out for me :)

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